Korth Family Ranch Cemetery

Located in Ecleto, Texas

This cemetery was established by Romeo Michael Korth, the land owner at the time, for himself and his family. Since his death, his daughter Ellen Ann Korth Vickers is now the current owner of the property. The grave yard features a 400 year old oak tree. An old road use to pass adjacent to the oak tree through the cemetery in a southwest direction toward Helena. The road was redirected around the Korth ranch after the original owner Fritz Korth donated some property to DeWitt and Karnes County for an alternate path.


Korth, Florence Louise Kress: Jul. 15, 1902 – Jan. 12, 1982
Korth, Frederick Herman: Sep. 9, 1909 – Sep. 14, 1998
Korth, Romeo Michael: Oct. 7, 1902 – Oct. 6, 1989
Nixon, Edward James “Jay”, III: Jan. 20, 1936 – Oct. 20, 1999
Vickers, Dr William Edward “Bill”: Aug. 13, 1929 – May 5, 1988